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Benefits Administration and Administrative Staff


IEDA  administers the Distributors Association Warehousemen's Pension Trust Fund. Through IEDA’s benefit administration service employers can avoid the added expense and record-keeping responsibility of administering their own trust funds, and thereby gain access to a wide range of flexible employee benefits at advantageous rates.



Pat Ballesteros                                                            510-653-6770 or 800-649-9479
Pension Specialist                                                    510-653-6765 x102                                             510-658-2609 Fax



Josie Johnson                                                               510-653-6765 x111

Billing Administration Specialist                          510-658-2609 Fax


Brianne Crowe                                                              510-653-6765 x112
Office Administrator                                                 510-658-2609 Fax
Lydia Rubalcaba                                                          510-653-6765 x109

Accountant                                                                 510-658-2609 Fax

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