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Labor Negotiations

Hundreds of public and private sector employers have depended on IEDA to simplify the complex world of labor relations. IEDA provides complete labor relations representation. This includes negotiation, administration and interpretation of labor agreements and memoranda of understanding, and assistance in processing of grievances for unionized employers and, where appropriate, for employers with non union employees. Expert staff members are available at all times to assist employers with any labor relations problems that arise. 

As the voice for management, IEDA encourages a progressive labor relations program.

Services include: 

  • Training management on employee relations. 

  • Counseling employers on preventing grievances.

  • Handling grievances, including assisting counsel or other management representatives in preparation and presentation of arbitrations. 

  • Acting as chief spokesperson on the employer’s behalf during contract negotiations. 

  • Analyzing union proposals, and preparing management proposals and counter proposals.

  • Working to prevent strikes and planning how to minimize the impact of a work action should one occur. 

  • Reporting to boards of directors, city councils or other governing bodies on the status of negotiations.

  • Strategic planning on specific negotiations as well as overall labor relations strategy.



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